Marc is a self-taught emerging artist who specializes in portraits and figurative art. Using primarily graphite and polychrome colored pencils, his portraits tend to explore and celebrate diversity, with subjects representing various ages, races, ethnicities and religions.

Marc was born and raised in Iowa, but has called Tampa, Florida home for more than 25 years. Like most artists, he grew up with a pencil in his hand, drawn to fantasy as a child (primarily monsters and superheroes). Today, his subjects today tend to be more grounded in realism. 

“I’ve been fortunate to travel extensively throughout my life, both domestically and internationally. The people I’ve encountered during my travels have provided ample inspiration for my art. While our exterior trappings may vary from culture to culture, there are countless traits and characteristics that we all share – pride, vulnerability, curiosity and determination, among others. My drawings capture and celebrate the cultural diversity from across the globe while depicting the common threads that bind us all.”

News and Updates -

  • Marc will be debuting a new piece at MIZE Gallery’s “Rainbow” exhibit in St. Petersburg, FL in June 2021. For more info, see

  • Marc participated in MIZE Gallery’s “NUDE” exhibit in St. Petersburg, FL from April 10 – 25, 2021.

  • Marc was one of a handful of Emerging Artists selected by the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts committee to exhibit and compete in the 2021 GFA.

  • He and his artwork were recently featured in the Tampa Bay Times Artscapes (February 2021) as well as Tampa Bay Magazine (March/April 2021).